Are you ready for the worst movie website of 2009? Of all the movies we reviewed in ’09 – and we reviewed over 100 movies there were about half a dozen that just did nothing for us. No effort, no fun, no point visiting. But there was one that shined above the others in how bad it was. There was one that when we reviewed it earlier in the year we thought was the worst, and no movie throughout the rest of the year ever topped it… The award for the absolute worst movie website of 2009 goes to…..


The Bruno movie website far outdid it self by being the worst site we saw all year. The worst part about the site is that you couldn’t even tell that it was dedicated to the movie! It’s loaded with ads and misc. junkie info. Netflix? College? Cars? Software? Come on!! We want to know about the movie! Why are we going to dig through everything on this site to try and find the info? You’ve got to sell the movie to us, and this site did not do it. You may think that Sacha Baron Cohen is funny, but his movie’s site is the bottom of the barrel.

I couldnt even find a download or image for you. It was just that bad. Congratulations!

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