War the Movie! Starring Jet Li and Jason Statham fights its way to theaters soon! The War movie website has some Best Movie Website material that is similar to the last entry (Rush Hour 3) if you read it :-)
But first thing is first! The War website provides fans of Jet Li or Jason Statham a few wallpapers and screensavers from some of the intense scenes from the War movie, also provided are some War buddy icons for you to update your old one with -Follow the links to get yours!
The War Mobile link allows you to send some of the War movie wallpapers to your cell phone to dress it up, and there are also some ring tones that are audio clips of Statham and Li from the movie. *charges may apply*
Next go to to the E-Card section to send your War movie e-card to your buddy! personalize it to show them which movie you will watch soon!
The best part of the War movie website allows you to remix some of the scenes with Jet Li and Jason Statham in them, mostly action sequences. Remix the scenes to the beat of the music! Its not as easy as you would think, but its fun! I posted my example, which wasn’t very good -hit play! Or make your own click on the War Remixer link on the War website! Once you remix Li and Statham together pass on the War remix to your friends! Send it via e-mail, send them the link, or embed your remix into your favorite web page for others to see!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: War
Date of theater release: August 24, 2007
War -Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie War! Visit the Official War movie website for the download and more!

2 thoughts on “War – Jet Li and Jason Statham are at War!

  1. i love to see them together. two of the greatest martial artist with different syles and come to think of it east meets west

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