Valkyrie movie website, Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise. Why it’s worth visiting the website for Valkyrie in one word, history. Click on the “navigation,” click on “historical.” This section has several options: The resistance: explore the people involved in the plot against Hitler. While in the resistance section, “click to explore,” and us the “navigate” to find and explore the, Reich: who was on Hitlers side? Go back now to the “historical” section click on “July 20 plot” and browse the detailed timeline of events that lead up to the assassination attempt, wonderfully done I might add. Finally, back again at the “historical” section visit the “German Army” and learn about, well, the German army. The Valkyrie website offers history to the visitor, it is worth the visit. Nothing to download except for a widget I couldn’t get to work, but for the effort on the historical information offered the website gained an extra star, and a half.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Valkyrie
Date of theater release: December 25, 2008 – Christmas Day
Valkyrie – Official Site!

Valkyrie 3 out of 5 stars

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