Tyler Perry’s Big Happy Family review! The website is a take off of the Brady Bunch TV Show introduction. On the home page of Big Happy Family you will see the characters lined up in boxes just like the Brady Buch with the same colors and everything. I’m not sure if this is a goo thing or not, it kind of confuses me as to what the movie will be like. Will Tyler Perry’s Big Happy Family be like the Brady Bunch?

Anyway, the movie website has a section called the Soundboard that has audio clips from the movie. You can play several phrases such as, “What is Wrong Wichu’?” and “Thank Yer” which are all Tweet-able and have Facebook sharing capability so you can send it to a friend… amusing but not really worth much…

However there is a unique section called Madea vs Madea that is a movie clip battle! Basically, you watch two clips from the movie back to back, then you click on the one you liked more! Under the two clips it shows the percentage of people that voted for that particular clip. Kind of fun…
Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Tyler Perry’s Big Happy Family
Date of theater release: April 22, 2011

Tyler Perry’s Big Happy Family – Official Site!

Tyler Perry’s Big Happy Family 2 out of 5 stars


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