The movie Tree of Life stars Sean Penn and Brad Pitt and has been an anticipated movie for a while now.

The website for Tree of Life is a little weird and confusing! First, there is no information about the movie, no synopsis, no trailer, no release date, nothing on the site! There is an odd landing page that allows you to choose from two different paths.

Take the Father’s way or the Mother’s way, however, either way you go you are bound to be confused. After you choose a path a wheel of thumbnails appears allowing you to make a selection.

When you click it a short video clip will play, what does the video clip mean? Who knows! Obviously it’s from the movie but it is unclear and confusing since most of the clips do not have any dialogue. To add to the confusion there is a quote under each thumbnail, with comments.

The website itself is visually pleasing, it is very different, and very attractive and intriguing. However, it is not clear what is happening! Sooo odd, you should probably skip this movie site.

Movie website reviewed: Tree Of Life

Date of theater release: May 27, 2011
Tree Of Life – Official Site!

2.5 out of 5 stars

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