For those who do not know, Thor is a classic Marvel comic book character who is banished to earth from Asgard to live with humans.

Visually the website for the movie Thor is awesome! Very elegant, simple, and straight forward. Lets start with the positives of this Thor review.

The about section gives you a little bit of background information about the movie storyline, easy. The gallery section allows you to view some Thor movie stills in a visually appealing, very simple, and elegant viewer. The same with the movie trailers and teaser trailer, very nice appearance in these sections.

The menu icon is easy to find and there is an additional Home icon at the top of the page. While you are on the Thor website a dramatic song plays that can be turned on and off via a small button on the left menu bar.

The feature the Marvel comic movie lacks is interactivity. Even though the website is very nice it is missing atleast one feature to get you involved. Whether it be a game or a gadget that allows you to be “Thor-ed” … whatever! It lacked an interactivity function for YOU but gets very high marks for design. Awesome!

Movie website reviewed: Thor
Date of theater release: May 6, 2011

Thor – Official Site!

3 out of 5 stars

thor review

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