The Messengers movie websites features some unique content on the supernatural. “Can you Sense The Supernatural?” Visit this portion of the website to test your ability to sense the supernatural, three tests are involved: “Visual Recognition,” can you see the paranormal? “Audio Recognition,” do you have the ability to hear the supernatural? “Sensory Test,” what is your chance that you encounter supernatural experiences in your everyday life?

Interested in reading more about Supernatural experiences? Or maybe you have a story of your own?
Visit the “Paranormal Stories” portion of The Messengers website to view stories that people have submitted. View the stories- these are organized by state, this way you can see if there is any special activity around where you live. If you submit a story it will also be by your location and then it should appear on the map.

Also available to view is the trailer to the movie of course, but you can also visit the “webisodes” to get some behind the scenes footage of the movie. This kind of feature is not always offered -Check it out!
You can also download a screensaver, and of course get your new AIM Icon and wallpapers here too.

Another creepy feature is “Jess’ Belongings,” here you can explore the things she has done on her: cellphone, digital camera, and laptop. She has some creepy messages on her cellphone and some interesting text messages to read. Her telephone cell number is revealed too, it is 800-899-9619 – no joke!

Movie website featured: The Messengers
Date of theater release: February 2, 2007
The Messengers -Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie The Messengers! Visit the Official site for the download and more! (link to the site is in this entry)

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