The movie website for the new film The House of the Devil does not have much on it except a trailer. I guess the intention behind that is to focus on the movie itself – which does look like it will be a good Halloween flick! However, there is really no good reason to visit the website itself. The best part of the site, and there really arent too many things on the site at all so it is slim pickings, is the link to the House of the Devil Facebook page where if you are looking for another friend for Halloween, you can add this movie. The rest of the site has nothing to offer except a press release and a trailer. Sorry everyone, bad site. But on the other hand, the movie does look good! Lets hope that’s where they spent all the money.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: House of the Devil
Date of theater release: October 30, 2009
House of the Devil – Official Site!

No sample wallpaper from the new movie House of the Devil available. Visit the Official movie website for the more information.

Surrogates 1 out of 5 stars

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