the host movie wallpaper

Sample wallpaper available on the movie website for the host

On the movie website for The Host you’ll find an application so that you can become a soul!!  The link is off the main page…simply click on “start” and you’ll be able to upload a picture of yourself…becoming a soul is all about the inhuman eyes, so once your picture is uploaded it asks you to find your eyes and then turns those eyes into “soul” eyes!  Your pic is then available for download as a twitter profile, desktop skin, or animated movie poster!  It’s actually quite amazing how much a little tweak to the eyes can change someone!!

You’ll also not want to miss…

  • A few behind the scenes featurettes give you a better idea of what the movie is about if you haven’t seen too many trailers for it yet.
  • There are also quite a few downloads available – to get to them, just click on the “choose a side” link to be taken to the character profile pages…within those pages the “downloads” link offers facebook profiles, twitter skins, twitter profiles, and desktop wallpapers!

That is the most interactive aspect of the Host website…the rest includes the movie trailer, info about the cast and crew, and photos/images from the film.

Movie Synopses:  The Host movie is based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer – the same author of the Twilight Saga.  The story takes place in the future when the Earth has been invaded by aliens who actually take over the minds and bodies of humans (their “hosts”).  The movie focuses on one person – Melanie Stryder – whose body has been taken over by an alien called “Wanderer”.  Melanie and Wanderer soon join together to save everyone Melanie cares most about.

The Host Release Date:  March 29, 2013

Official Movie Website Here!

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