If a funny movie comes out in theaters I expect a “funny” website. If a scary movie releases I expect them to have a “scary” website. Am I right or wrong on this expectation?

The website for the new scary movie The Haunting In Connecticut is not scary. There is an e-card you can send to your friends, but the e-card is nothing more than a movie poster type image that will be sent out to your peeps. You cannot add a personalized message, nothing jumps out and scares you, as a matter of fact it is 100% lame. On the other hand there are a few cool buddy icons to download, wallpapers, and a free The Haunting In Connecticut screensaver for mac or pc that puts the e-card to shame. Why did they bother with that free e-card? Come on!
The other cool part to The Haunting In Connecticut is that there is an app for your iPhone that you can download for free (limited time), and by the looks of the reviews some people are saying that it is very fun to use. So if you have an iPhone (or maybe iPod touch?) than you can get the The Haunting In Connecticut app.
The learn About The Dead link is a blog that discusses things of the dead. Visit the gallery for movie stills, story for synopsis, and video for the trailers.
The last item to mention, that I have never seen on any other movie website, is the “terrifying motion poster.” This is a typical movie poster but with the animated effects that makes it move. This is a unique item that I have yet to see on any other movie website I have visited. Good job on the poster + 1 star.

SMR’s recommendation: For a scary movie The Haunting In Connecticut’s official website does not make me feel that the movie will be scary at all. The “terrifying movie poster” is very cool. The iPhone app is ok, but only for some people. The rest is typical to movie websites. I suggest you check out the motion poster, and find a place to post it for a bit, it’s kinda fun, otherwise… bleh…

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: The Haunting In Connecticut
Date of theater release: March 27, 2009
The Haunting In Connecticut – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie The Haunting In Connecticut! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

The Haunting In Connecticut 3 out of 5 stars

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