I don’t know what’s up with the movie websites this year. When I visited the website for the upcoming movie The Good Guy, I assumed, because it said “enter site” on the main page, I would be really entering something that would be worth my while. Why have an Enter Site if there’s nothing to enter? Ask the website makers of this site please. On this site you’ll find a gallery, about section, and a trailer section. That’s it!! That’s alL!!! I feel fooled, and so I’ll say, don’t bother visiting this movie website. Bleh.

Movie Synopses: The Good Guy stars Alexis Bledel and is a romantic dramedy about a girl named Beth who falls for a Wall Street guy, but then might be falling for his roommate as well.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: The Good Guy
Date of theater release: February 19, 2010
The Good Guy – Official Site!

No sample Wallpaper from the new movie The Good Guy available. Visit the Official movie website for more movie info.

The Good Guy 1 out of 5 stars

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