This halloween if you want to be freaked out, visit the movie website for the upcoming horror movie The Fourth Kind. There isn’t too very much to do on the site, but there is alot of information that you can find on alien encounters, abductions, and beliefs. The best part of the site focuses on this – you’ll find a “Resources” section where you can find links to information on theories, sightings, evidence, contact, and abduction…and some of the sites are places you’d never think of going, like the National UFO Reporting Center…check out it, there’s some useful resources if you’re really interested in this kind of extraterrestrial information.
The website also has a “Share your beliefs” section where you can link up on facebook and twitter with others who may have had encounters. The rest of the site is pretty standard, with a trailer which is terrifying….and they don’t stopwith just one, there are 6 different clips, previews, and featurettes to choose from.

Overall SMR Review: In short – if you’re into UFOs, visit this site, at the very least, you’ll get hooked up with all kinds of resources to further your belief!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: The Fourth Kind
Date of theater release: November 6, 2009
The Fourth Kind – Official Site!

Sorry, no sample Wallpaper from the new movie The Fourth Kind available. Visit the Official movie website for more information.

A Christmas Carol 3 out of 5 stars

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