The website for the movie The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen has absolutely nothing to offer. It is a site filled with fake information about the fictituous ruler from the movie, yet somehow has nothing amusing to offer. Hosted on the site there are several links that seemingly (without having seen the movie) have no relevancy to the film. on the sidebar takes you to the official shoe website and even an OfficeDepot url takes you to the stationary retailer. What do these links have to do with the dictator? Who knows! The worst part is that there is no explanation for these particular links and so it just comes off as a bit odd.

Of course there is an “About” section that provides a brief history of the ruler himself yet with little humor. If you are looking for entertainment this particular site has nothing to offer the casual movie website visitor. If you want to learn more about the movie I would suggest a “real” movie website for the official summary rather than this fictitious and pointless site.

So, how many stars for The Dictator?: 1 out of 5: ★

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