movie wallpaper available on the website for the movie the croods
movie wallpaper available on the website for the movie the croods

the croods sample movie wallpaper

The movie website for The Croods is actually pretty fun and very interactive! You’ll find alot to keep you busy!

First and foremost, you’ll find free ringtones on the Croods site!! Click the link for “Belt’s Ringtone” and you’ll be able to download a ringtone for your blackberry, iphone, or android…not sure how to do it? There are instructions for the few easy steps you’ll take!

Next up, if you click on the “Downloads” link, you’ll find a nice assortment of activities including:

  1. “Print and Create” Coloring Pages for different Crood characters – download a full page outline for coloring!
  2. Movie wallpapers to decorate you computer desktop.
  3. Moving animated email gifs that you can append to your emails as signatures – pick your favorite movie character!
  4. Profile images so you can update your facebook page with a nicely sized Crood picture.  :-)
  5. Twitter skins for your twitter page!

Then there’s the Fun Activities link! If you click on this link you’ll find all kinds of games to keep you and your kids occupied, including:

  1. A game called The Croods Maze Mania.  Choose your level (Easy, Medium, or Hard), and you’re taken to one of those old fashioned mazes that you would find in an activity book! Use your keyboard to navigate your way through and if you make it to the end, you can unlock things like new Coloring Pages!
  2. Another game you can play is called Punch Monkey Mayhem! In this game, you take away the Punch Monkey’s bananas with your mouse.  Kind of a weird game and not so much fun, but when you win you also unlock things (I unlocked a Punch Monkey Door Hanger!)
  3. Then there’s an online version of Find the Crood Paint By Numbers which actually is kind of relaxing and fun at any age! Once you finish a picture you find the creature and can print a full page image of it!
  4. Then there is my favorite game – the Croods Memory Madness! It’s either Easy or Hard and once you win you can download a printable activity!

Of course, you’ll find the trailer, list of characters and movie synopses on the site as well!

Movie Synopses:  The Croods is an animated movie filmed in 3D and starring the voices of Nicholas Cage, Emmas Stone, and Ryan Reynolds.  The movie is about a family that takes a journey when their cave is destroyed.  As they travel they discover fantastic creatures and a marvelous world!

The Croods Release Date: March 22
Official Movie Website Here!

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