The Brothers Solomon movie with Will Forte and Will Arnett star in their new movie out in theaters soon.
Under “The Brothers” tab there is some stuff to look at:
If you need tips from The Brothers Solomon on how to get a chick then check out the “11 Things to definitely not to do if you want to get a chick,” really there are 11 of these tips!
There is also The Brothers “Home School High School” year book that has some interesting pictures to look at and if you click on Dean Solomon or John Solomon you can watch some videos of either one to see what they are really like.
The “make a baby for dad” section has some clips of the possible motherly candidates for The Brothers Solomon, there is a section for “The Adoption Option” which shows the possibilities of the possible child to be adopted. Another video highlights the internet “finds” on adoption.
In the “getting ready for baby” section look at some more video of how the Brothers Solomon get ready for theirs, or if you need to know what to do to get ready for your baby check out the Brothers Solomons list.
Visit the family tree section and the home video section to learn more about The Brothers Solomon and their family. If you really want to watch Will Forte’s Grandmother click on her section and you can watch a video of her, yes, 7 videos!
Looking for the good stuff already? Click on the “baby gifts” section for The Brothers Solomon wallpapers, a screen saver and aim icons!
The Brothers Solomon soundtrack is not featured on the official website!

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Movie website featured: The Brothers Solomon
Date of theater release: September 7, 2007
The Brothers Solomon -Official Site!

The Brothers Solomon website: 1 out of 5 stars

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie The Brothers Solomon! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

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