Coming out in only a couple of weeks is the new Warner Brothers movie The Box, starring Cameron Diaz. A quick visit to the movie website brings up a trailer which presents a movie that looks very intriguing. From here you can click the Enter link to go to the site and see what else is going on. Be patient as the counter counts up to 100…yes, it has to count all the way to 100 before you get access. If you are patient enough, you’ll get to the heart of the site that has some interesting features where you can explore exactly what the box is about such as a PDF Comic Book of the teleporting man, or information about HRE – Human Resource Exploitation Manual, or
Remember, you will have to disable popups to see everything the site has to offer. My big complaint about the site as a whole is that it takes forever for pages to load, and although the counter comes up telling you it’s loading, you have no clear idea how long it will take. The navigation on the site is also horrendous – I understand the idea is to get you to explore, but at some point you get frustrated and leave. Like I did! Overall: Good idea on the website, poor execution.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: The Box
Date of theater release: November 6, 2009
The Box – Official Site!

There may be some sample wallpaper from the new movie The Box availabe, but the website was too hard to navigate and I couldn’t find it! Visit the Official movie website for the trailer and more.

Surrogates 2 out of 5 stars

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