Thinking about visiting the movie website for the new movie The Accidental Husband? Well, at first site you may think there’s not much there, but there’s actually more than meets the eye! The site is a little unusual, you can watch the movie trailer, but you can’t even learn about the movie! No movie synopses at alL! Incidentally, if you’re wanting to know what it’s about – it is about a radio host named Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) who is about to get married, but finds out thanks to a prank she’s married to someone she’s never met before. The movie stars Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Sam Shepard. One of the cool things however that you can do at the movie website is read the Real Love Blog! The official blog of Dr. Emma Lloyd! Kind of cool, you can take a quiz, and get and read love advice and relationship advice. Also, click on the Facebook link to become a friend of Dr. Emma Lloyd and The Accidental Husband! You will even find a link to embed the movie trailer. Sorry no other movie downloads available. Enjoy!

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Movie website featured: The Accidental Husband
Date of theater release: September 5, 2008
The Accidental Husband – Official Site!

No Sample Wallpaper from the new movie The Accidental Husband! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

The Accidental Husband3 out of 5 stars

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