Sucker Punch the movie has a better than average website once you find the menu! I almost gave up trying to find the menu, when I first wen to the site I thought all there was was the splash page. Then It thought, well, this is a fancy page there has to be more!

You can find the menu for Sucker Punch but only if you look closely. There is a tiny menu towards the bottom half of the page on the left. Easily missed! Most movie websites either try to hide the menu via some sort of fancy drop or make it tremendously beefy.

There is one particular unique feature to the movie website, it is called “image factory.” This option allows you to choose from several movie images and lets you customize your chosen image to different devices. The gadget will take your selection and allow you to choose if you want to crop, edit, and apply a movie image to twitter, your desktop, or even your mobile phone/device. You can even just choose parts of the image so that you don’t get the entire thing taking up you page. This is a fairly unique feature… nice!

The downloads section has free movie wallpaper, and aim icon. The normal cast and crew and trailers section is available. Check out the soundtrack section to preview the music to the movie. A feature that is often overlooked by movie websites.

sucker punch

There is a game to play too if you download the needed plugin, which I am did not do.

Overall the website is above average. However the images and graphics that are displayed are pretty low quality. And the loading page has a long loading time compared to sites of this quality. There is an option to go fullscreen but it just make the page very grainy… not very nice… The other drawback is how small the menu is, it is extremely tiny. When you get to the movie still gallery you will have to find a tiny arrow on the side of the picture to flip to the next one. Its sooo small!

It’s pretty cool site though and if you have time you should have a look!

Best Movie Website!
Movie website featured: Sucker Punch
Date of theater release: March 25, 2011

Sucker Punch – Official Site!

Sucker Punch 3.5 out of 5 stars

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