The Star Trek movie website is loaded with features – is it worth a visit if you’re not a Trekkie? Yes! Yes! Yes!! The best – BEST – part of the site is the “Trek Yourself” feature which lets you upload a picture of yourself, choose a character, and get an animated version of yourself as the Star Trek character – I turned myself into a Vulcan. You can add your own dialogue, and then get an embed code for your website – I wasted a ton of time here – DEFINITELY worth a try – lots of fun, and just plain FREAKY!! If there’s nothing else you do here – Trek Yourself!

Let me go over some of the other features: There’s a Star Trek widget which lets you embed the movie trailer on your site…OK, not so great? There are tons more games to check into including: Start Trek Ultimate Rock Band Battle, Star Trek Academy Trainer where you face timed tasks you have to complete, and at the end you’re given your rank – Ensign all the way to Vice Admiral. VERY ADDICTIVE GAME!!! You’ll also find tons more like Jigsaws, Race to Destiny, an alternative reality tour, and Delta Vega. Honestly, I couldnt play them all, I was getting way too addicted!! When you’re done with the games, check out the Panoramas link – it’s pretty cool, you get 360 degree views of different rooms like the enterprise bridge or enterprise corridors. In the dossier section, you’ll find a biography of all your favories (James T Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, Uhura, Captain Christopher Pike, etc.) as well as wallpaper downloads for each of them. In the downloads section itself you’ll find more wallpapers, buddy icons, screensaver, a Star Trek Icon factory, and a Star Trek homepage fan kit. In addition to aaaaaallll of that, there is off course, still the usual links for image gallery and movie trailer. If all that wasn’t enough, you can also befriend Star Trek on Facebook, or the Star Trek Myspace page

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Star Trek
Date of theater release: May 7, 2009
Star Trek – Official Site!

 Star Trek best movie website
Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Star Trek! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Star Trek! 5 out of 5 stars

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