The movie website for the new movie Speed Racer has a few fun things that are worth a visit. The first, is that they have designed a very cool way to navigate throughout the website. Click on “Enter The Site”, then click on the LEFT hand link and you’ll go to an animated page showing yourself behind the dash of a racecar. Use your mouse to navigate around the highway and click on billboards that you pass to learn about Trixie, Pops Racer, the Mach5, and other race cars on the movie synopses, access to Speed Racer AIM an Buddy Icons, movie desktop wallpaper, and even cooler – Speed Racer Ipod wallpaper! There’s also a link to download a “Speed Racer” coloring book where your kids can color in different race cars! Pretty fuN! The only thing this site is missing is a game – there is a “Play the Game” link, however it takes you to info about the Speed Racer Videogames for Wii and Nintendo – not to actually play a game. All in all, an ok site to send your kids to – especially for the coloring book. Don’t forget to join the Speed Racer Facebook page before leaving!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Speed Racer
Date of theater release: March 9, 2008
Speed Racer – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Speed Racer ! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Speed Racer: 3 out of 5 stars

One thought on “Speed Racer The Movie Mach 5 Coloring Book!

  1. The Wachowski bros certainly put a lot of effort into making Speed Racer… the movie overall looked and felt like a cross between anime, a kaleidoscope, that Flintstones movie, a video game and the Dukes of Hazard

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