There’s alot of action going on at the movie website for the new movie Space Chimps! Here are the best things do do at the movie site:
1. The best part of the movie website is the Chimp Yourself! You choose your head, eyes, ears, mouth, and accessories and become a chimp!
2. check out the Chimp Decoder! There are a few different phrases to choose from – hear them in chimp, then send them to a friend!
3. Visit the Chimp Acadamy Training Center where you train to find out if you have the right stuff to be a Space Chimp! Click on either Luna, Titan, or Ham to play different games in the Chimp Academy – with Luna you play a card matching game (the reward for winning the game is a Luna Wallpaper!), and with Titan you play a strength training game lifting boulders.
4. In Ham’s Pad, check out the Chimp Activities and games! Move your arrow around the room to find different things to do – you’ll find a movie trailer in the middle of the room on the TV. On the right side of the room, click on the pictures hanging on the wall to find coloring pages, including a Ham Space Chimps coloring sheet, a Space Chimps banana coloring sheet, Space Ship Coloring Sheet, and Warp Speed coloring sheet. There’s also a word search to find! Clicking on the overturned can will pull up a Fruitie Tootie recipe, and click on the Bananas to unlock the Dole Secret. You’ll be asked for a secret code…the code is: I love bananas . When you unlock the code, you’ll get answers to the lunch trayliner.
5. Click on Mission Control to learn about the Space Chimps movie, as well as read some fun factoids – like Ham’s nickname when he was in the circus was Cannonball, and Jagu doesn’t like to go swimming because he secretly wears a toupee!
6. Finally, of course, before you leave the site, don’t forget to grab your Space Chimps movie download – a desktop computer wallpaper OR download a Space Chimps Mask! Get a printable mask of either Luna or Ham for free! Sorry folks, I didn’t see any AIM / Buddy Icons on this movie website.


Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Space Chimps
Date of theater release: July 18, 2008
Space Chimps – Official Site!

Space Chimps best movie website
Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Space Chimps! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Space Chimps: 4 out of 5 stars

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