The Smokin’ Aces website is definitely one of the more exciting websites to visit. The websites has sound and visual clips of the movie while you navigate, plus adrenalin pumping background music to listen to while there. Here are SOME of the features-
There is an option to add the movie trailer to your myspace and/or webpage if you want, just embed the code!
A more interesting feature is the “send a hit” option where you can tease your friends about the movie by sending a “hitman” from the movie with a soundclip straight to their inbox…check this one out!
Plus if you find the mafia and crime life interesting go to the “witness protection” section to read about who the most infamous people in the program are.
Visit the Director’s Blog for a more in depth experience of the movie, including some pictures to browse through.
Two games are featured on the Smokin’ Aces website (actually three-ill tell you about two)!
One is a multiplayer card game described as being “addictive,” the other game is a “Cards Dart” game that I found to be entertaining.
Something that might might be of more interest to some is the Comic that is found in the bottom right hand corner of the site -Warning- you must be “of age” to visit this section!
While you are at the website check out the trailer, visit the Cast & Crew to learn more about the movie, and take a browse through the Gallery. Don’t forget your new AIM Icon, desktop wallpapers, and a FREE Screensaver!

Movie website featured: Smokin’ Aces
Date of theater release: January 26, 2007
Smokin’ Aces -Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Smokin’ Aces! Visit the Official site for the download and more! (link to the site is in this entry)

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