The best movie websites often come from some of the most anticipated movies coming out in theaters!! But do all of them? The newest addition to the Best Movie Website list is for the new movie Rush Hour 3! Starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker!
A few aim icons, a few cool wallpapers, and a couple of cool screen savers are offered on the website! One of the screen savers is particularly interesting! We all love the scenes of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan when they sing and dance, this screen saver highlights just that! But this time it a scene from Rush Hour 3!
For those of you who have some spare time on your hands click on the main menu and visit the “story” section to read the synopsis of the movie! If you don’t have the spare time just re-read the title and you should have all your answers on what this movie will be about. Rush Hour 3! Need I say more?! Also check out the photos section and the cast and crew section for some extra bio info on some of your favorite actors!
Now, turn up your speakers!! Head over to the “quote of the hour” portion of the site and entertain yourself with some featured audio quotes from the movie -one button allows you to listen to the clip; the other button allows you to download the clip!! That’s right! Take it!! FREE! Some are pretty funny, especially when you play them over and over…
Once you’re done with that how about playing the Rush Hour game?! The main menu has the “play the game” link that will take you there. If you were amused by the audio clips by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker then this game will probably amuse you too! Go ahead; slap some people around for a bit! But not literally, in the game!
You have a choice of players, you can be Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker!
The “trailer translator” part of the official Rush Hour website is as equally entertaining as the audio clips and the game. With a little bit of an artistic vision you can create your own Rush Hour trailer with subtitles. Watch the original trailer in the French language! Then as the trailer plays replace the original dialog with your own in English! Be funny, scary, dramatic… whatever you want! Then send your work of art to your friends or embed it!

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Movie website featured: Rush Hour 3
Date of theater release: August 10, 2007
Rush Hour 3 -Official Site!
Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Rush Hour 3! Visit the Official myspace site for the download and more! (link to the site is in this entry)