Reviewing movie websites:
I wanted to take a time-out from the blog and explain to you what we do here at (SMR) -best movie websites blog.

In short, we visit websites for new and upcoming theater releases and review the website.
We review the movie website similar to how you would review a movie or anything else; we rate on content, substance, beauty, among other things on a five star scale (you can rate too using the stars at the bottom of each post). We like to give the makers and developers of movie websites enough time to finish the websites, so you may not see us review a movie website that is, say, 4 months out, unless of course we think it has enough potential. By not reviewing movie websites out of the four month window we are allowing the makers and developers plenty of time to create the official movie website to the best of their ability. As you will see in our reviews sometimes their ability to create is lacking. To us: Movie Joe, and to the other reviewer -Movie Jill (yes there are two of us :) )
it is sometimes lacking so much that we have to skip reviewing the website entirely, this is why sometimes you may not find the best movie website review to your favorite upcoming movie, we just can’t sort through all the trash, merely some of it. The lack of ability to create an original movie website is unbelievable, the price tag alone on one of these websites is the price we would pay for nice used car, what we do is help you avoid the lemons, and hopefully put some pressure on creativity and originality that will expand the standard for movie websites right now (which is pretty low), and possibly benefit us (movie goers). We are cutting the studios a break and they are still terrible at creating many of the websites you see today.
Why should you visit the new official movie websites of upcoming movies if they are not worth your time? Is the website worth your time and ours?
Keep in touch and we will keep you updated on the best movie websites of the year(s).
Thank you for visiting the best movie websites blog and another thanks to the subscribers!!

Your reviewers,
-Movie Joe and Movie Jill.

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