Prom the new Disney movie is a story about several “intersecting stories” that occur one night at Prom. In fact, the official website for the movie Prom held a video contest asking you to create a video of how to ask somebody to Prom. The contest ends April 14th and the winners will be announced soon after.

The website for Prom is loaded with all the content you need! You can sample the original soundtrack to the movie. You can watch several videos of Prom, and you can read about the cast and crew. Visit the gallery for several movie stills and even read about Corey & Lucas FTW.

The website for Prom overall is very nice. The background image is a collage of pictures on a cork board. Very fun! It is all animated so when you click the menu items drop into place.

One major thing I would like to have seen on this website is a feature that allowed the soundtrack to play while you are surfing the site. The soundtrack includes such artists as Travi Mccoy and even Simple Plan. So it is definitely worth having a button to let you listen and surf.

Movie website reviewed: Prom
Date of theater release: April 29, 2011

Prom – Official Site!

2.5 out of 5 stars


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