The website for the new movie Nothing Like the Holidays has some fun Christmas activities and ideas! Go to the movie website and click on the “Christmas / Holiday How-To’s” link and you’ll find a recipe for Holiday Sugar Cookies, instructions on how to make a snowman from a lightbulb, and instructions on how to set a holiday table! These activities and recipe are downloadable and printable! When you’re done with the activity sheets, try a game – click on the Bodega Price is Right to play a game where you guess the price of 8 items…get close enough and you can move up a level! This game is addictive! Another holiday activity on the site you can check out is the send a holiday e-card link – you choose the Nothing Like the Holidays character, the design, and the greeting, then send it to your friend! Don’t forget to join the Jesse Rodriguez myspace page or the Sarah Rodriguez facebook page! Sorry, no holiday downloads, but with all the fun holiday activities to do, it’s still worth a visit to this movie website!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Nothing Like the Holidays
Date of theater release: December 12, 2008
Nothing Like the Holidays – Official Site!

No sample Wallpaper from the new movie Nothing Like the Holidays available. Visit the Official movie website for more movie info.

Nothing Like the Holidays 3 out of 5 stars

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