As always check out the AMC for all day $4 movies and free small popcorn!

This week new on dvd:

-Scary Movie 4

-Transporter 2


These are the bigger releases, the only one I saw was RV and I would be happy to watch it again. Its a great “feel good” movie! I loved Transporter 1 the action and fighting scenes were great so im sure part 2 will follow part 1’s lead. As for Scary Movie, as soon as the Wayans Bros. let this title go it went down hill. For this week I would place my money on RV. There is another straight to DVD release I want to mention that I didnt even know about. Remember I know What You Did Last Summer? Well, it seems there is now a sequel to the last installment which I believe had alreay gone to 3. The new title is I’ll always Know What You Did Last Summer so if you like the first 3 then you may enjoy this one, as always beware that when it goes straight to DVD dont expect too much, atleast in Horror its hard to mess up a bunch of killings, isnt it?

The countdown to snakes on a plane continues!
Some may ask, Why do you want to see Snakes On a Plane?
My question is, What can be better than snakes on a plae?

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