The National Treasure Book of Secrets (National Treasure 2) website is actually located on Disney’s site (since it is a Disney movie). It’s a high graphics site, so be sure you have a good internet connection. At the main page of Book of Secrets, you’ll find 3 links 1.) Enter site 2.)View the movie Trailer. 3.)Play the “world’s biggest treasure hunt”. Starting backwards from #3, if you click on the link to “win real treasure”/play the treasure hunt, you’ll be taken to a complicated-looking page with the statue of liberty. The best way to learn about hte treasure hunt game is to click on the link “How to Play” which is in small print at the bottom of the site. How to play tells you

Every 2 weeks a new sweepstakes* city opens. Play games in that city while it is the “City of the Week” and you will earn entries for a chance to win the City of the Week Sweepstakes – $50,000 in REAL treasure!
The entries you earn during this time also count towards the Grand Prize Sweepstakes.

Back to the main page, if you click on “Enter Site” (instead of play the hunt) from the National Treasure main page, you’ll find yourself watching the National Treasure trailer, and links to add it to your own webpage. Click on the “Games” link and you can play “Gate’s Challenge” – a game where you use clues to decode cyphers – very similar to Hangman and very addictive!) or try “Chunnel Racer” game (a race car game where you control a car through the tunnel with only your headlights lighting the way…be careful, you can get hit from behind!), a third game called “Clue Hunt” was listed as “Coming Soon” at the time of this writing. Play the games, you’ll have fun!

Other links on the main National Treasure page include, videos, trailer, “about”, and gallery (where you’ll find a nice movie slideshow). When you’re done having fun, click on the “Downloads” section to get your screensave, AIM icon, and wallpaper.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: National Treasure Book of Secrets
Date of theater release: December 21, 2007
National Treasure Book of Secrets-Official Site!

National Treasure Book of Secrets: 4 out of 5 stars

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie National Treasure Book of Secrets! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

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