The 2008 movie season was great! And now, here we are at the end, we’re on the final countdown to the new year and new movies during 2009! Before the new year and new movies come however, let’s take a look back over the past year and see what movie websites were reviewed during this past year. What was the best? What was the worst? Let’s start with a list of all of them…So, without further ado, here are the movie websites reviewed during 2008, in no particular order, just categorized by stars:

5 star movie websites reviewed for 2008:
The Love Guru

Kung Fu Panda

Meet the Spartans

4 star movie websites reviewed for 2008:

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

The House Bunny

Star Wars – The Clone Wars

Space Chimps

The Strangers

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


The Spiderwick Chronicles

Be Kind Rewind

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie

3 star movie websites for reviewed 2008:

The Spirit Movie – December 25, 2008

Valkyrie – December 25, 2008

Marley & Me – December 25, 2008

Nothing Like The Holidays – December 12, 2008

Tales of Despereaux – December 19, 2008

High School Musical 3



Babylon AD

My Best Friend’s Girl

The Accidental Husband

Death Race

Fly Me To The Moon 3D


Pineapple Express

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

The Rocker

Mamma Mia

Step Brothers

X Files: I Want to Believe

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D


Kitt-Kittredge: An American Girl

Get Smart


The Incredible Hulk

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Sex and the City the Movie

Speed Racer The Movie

Iron Man

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull





Vantage Point



Mad Money

2 star movie websites reviewed for 2008:

Revolutionary Road – December 26, 2008
BedTime Stories – December 25, 2008
The Day the Earth Stood Still – December 12, 2008
Twilight – November 21, 2008

Pride and Glory
The Changeling
City of Embers
Body of Lies
Saw V

The Haunting of Molly Hartley
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Righteous Kill
Bangkok Dangerous
The Perfect Game
Disastor Movie
American Teen
The Stone Angel

Swing Vote
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Meet Dave
Tropic Thunder
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

The Dark Knight
The Happening
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Signal
Black Water
Definitely Maybe
Fool’s Gold

The Air I Breathe
How She Move
Dungeon Siege

1 star movie websites reviewed for 2008:

Defiance – starring Daniel Craig based on a True Story Released December 31, 2008

Yes Man – December 19, 2008

Seven Pounds – December 19, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Women


Hell Ride

Midnight Meat Train

War, Inc.

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