The new animated movie Monsters VS Aliens has a website that you cannot miss! The Monsters VS Aliens official website has it all! I’m going to make this as short as possible in hopes that you all will check this website out. Tons of Monsters VS Aliens downloads: wallpapers, webskins, buddy icons, signatures. Loads of printable activities for the kids and adults! Printable 3D Monsters VS Aliens, stickers, badges, door hangers, party supplies and decorations, Monsters VS Aliens iron-ons, stationaries. I could go on and on! The Monsters VS Aliens is the one stop hot spot for anything Monsters VS Aliens related! They really dished it out for us on this.
And not only are there tons of downloads there is also a Monsters VS Aliens widget, and a very very very very cool monster generator! You can make your own monster by simply choosing the traits and characteristics, the machine does the rest! Then you can share your creation with your friends. The monster I created featured a growl and everything! I posted my creation here in place of the “featured wallpaper.”
In need of a free game to play for a bit? Play the Monsters VS Aliens game!
There are tons of things to visit on this website, click around, all the norms are there, synopsis, character list, story, etc…The graphics and visuals on the website are top notch, very entertaining indeed…

SMR’s recommendation: The Monsters VS Aliens movie website went all out! This is a must visit website for you and for the kids, very entertaining, tons of activities! In fact, I had no inclination of wanting to see the movie until I visited the Monsters VS Aliens website! You gotta see this!! Visit now…. 5 stars…the best movie website has seen on this planet! Did I say planet? :-) Top notch website! What are you waiting for? Go…go…go…now!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Monsters VS Aliens
Date of theater release: March 27, 2009
Monsters VS Aliens – Official Site!

Sample Monster from the monster generator from the new movie Monsters VS Aliens! Visit the Official movie website for the wallpaper downloads and more!

Monsters VS Aliens 5 out of 5 stars

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