The website is a place to share and create! On the website for the movie Beastly there are a few options to share with the community. The movie created an iPhone iPod etc. App that allows you to share photos of yourself or whomever you would like, title it, and immediately have it uploaded to the movies website. The intent is to have users share photos and or stories that inspire and bring together everyone who is, might be, or thinks to be different. The app is called Beauty and can be found on the iTunes app site.

Share! For Valentine’s day you can send a customized Valentine greeting card to your loved one. Just fill out the card, write your message and have it sent to the person that is close to you.

The videos section allows you to view the trailer and a TV spot. You can also check out some movie still in the Pix section that for some reason has several pictures of the male actor without a shirt!

Meet the movie stars! Well, almost! You can read about the actors from the movie Beauty including one of the stars, Neil Patrick Harris.

Free! Download the free wallpapers of the movie and a few aim icons too. The games section, however, has yet to be completed.

Beauty movie

The website for this movie has a few free items like most sites. It also has a few interactive items that gets the fans involved with the community and encourages you to share you experience and or story. However, the design department failed at completing the site! The place feels more like an advertisement for a consumer product or even a modeling agency than anything else. You are not drawn into the website for the movie, there are faces of “models” plastered all over the front page and this completely ruins any mood or feeling for the actual movie itself. It seems the creators of the site spent more time thinking more about Bland-ness than a flavorful place to visit. Skip it.

Best Movie Website!
Movie website featured: Beastly
Date of theater release: March 4, 2011

Beastly – Official Site!

Beastly 2 out of 5 stars

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