A lizard movie! The lizard from the desert that is voiced by Johnny Depp. Rango!

I had such high hopes for this site when I first visited. A fish immediately swam across my screen with the percentage of loading time, it was cool! Then it loaded.

At first I thought there were only a few options because the trailer takes up the center of the page. So first watch the trailer and the other videos available then once you are done hit the “X” button to close it out and movie on to the main part of the site. I think the designers messed up on that one! Would have been nice to have a clear and direct route into the site!

Lizard rango

Once you are in you can click around and interact with some of the characters, you can also click around the “world” and interact with it by entering some of the buildings. I went into the Saloon to check things out and found a few animals playing what I assume to be a game of Texas Hold em’!

Inside the general store you can check out the Video game that is set for release. The game will be on most consoles, take a look at the pictures from the game by clicking on the speaker in the left side of the store. Also on the counter the clerk has a few copies of the game for an impulse purchase item! The picture above his has a coming soon trailer for the Rango video game.

You can browse and download some free wallpapers, aim icons, and even two choices of free screensavers! There are links to the movie still gallery and the cast profiles too!

Overall the website for Rango sets the mood for the movie, from what I know the movie is set in the desert. So the website sets a desolate tone where nobody is saying much, people or in this case animals are standing around minding their own business. Nothing but the sounds of the dry breeze creeping by! And the graphics are really nice too! Check out the site if you have some time, the images are very well done and if you are looking forward to seeing this movie then you will enjoy the graphics.

Best Movie Website!
Movie website featured: Rango
Date of theater release: March 4, 2011

Rango – Official Site!

Rango 3 out of 5 stars

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