Legion movie. Looks like horror, smells like horror.

Although the movie Legion looks like horror it is actually labeled in the action/fantasy category. This movie is about the battle of mankind, the last battle when (supposedly) God himself sends angels to earth because of his lose of faith for humans… maybe I misinterpreted this because to me this doesn’t sound right, but it is a movie so…

The movie website. The website for Legion is fairly simple, graphics simple, clean, and neat. There is a downloads section with a Legion screensaver, wallpapers, and aim icons. There are also the social networking links up so you can connect.

The website basically gives you a good feel for what the movie is going to be like, and after visiting the Legion site you feel more inclined to check out what the movie has to offer.

Sometimes simple is better, but how can some very simple websites be better than the super complicated ones that make you sign up for stuff or (easter egg) hunt for stuff? Well, it’s all about moderation. Take the safe and simple route, but if you don’t, be careful how complicated you make the website or the visitors will be turned off… there is a good complicated, few websites have perfected this.

SMR’s recommendation: If the battle of heaven and earth sounds interesting, and you can spare 5 minutes, take a tour… it’s quick and painless.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Legion
Date of theater release: January 22, 2010
Legion – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Legion! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Legion 3 out of 5 stars

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