Land of the lost the movie will bring a very well known classic to the big screen. The website for the movie Land of the Lost is entertaining but is lacking details in some areas. The concept of the official movie website is for you to explore a land where random things happen, where anything can happen. As you navigate the website you will find that by clicking on the jewels or on the black holes that the land of the lost will come to life. You can explore a land where anything is possible.
The official movie website offers several downloads; including Land of the Lost wallpapers, and aim icons.
You an also check out the gallery and the videos, cast and crew
and “about the film.”
There is also a games section to take a look at.
The graphics and set up of the website are visual appealing. Bat and birds fly around, dinos walk around, things pop out of nowhere. But when it comes to the video clips between sections it seems that somebody dropped the ball. The video clips are very grainy, so grainy that it looks like an unprofessional website of a super low budget movie. The same goes with the “gallery.” All of the movie still pictures are super grainy because they have been blown out of their normal size. You can spot almost every pixel in these video clips and movie stills. This, to me, was a turn off. If I wanted to see these types of images I wouldn’t think I would find them on the official website.

SMR’s recommendation: Should you visit the Land of the Lost website? If you are planning on seeing this movie in theaters there would be no harm in checking out the website; with that said, there would not be a benefit from visiting either.
Sure they have terrible quality videos and movie stills, but this does not take away from anything the movie has to offer. It does on the other hand offer a glimpse of how a movie website, if not done properly, can look cheap.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Land of the Lost
Date of theater release: June 5, 2009
Land of the Lost – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Land of the Lost! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Land of the Lost 2 out of 5 stars

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