The new movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage looks interesting, on the other hand, the website for the new movie Knowing is rather uninteresting, with one exception. The exception is in the “Follow the Numbers” section which will present to you different scenarios of the earths condition. Scan the page for numbers that you can click on, when you find a clickable number read the interesting facts it presents to you about our planet and the possible demise. The rest of the website however is very lame. The about the film, cast and crew, video, and gallery section have the same ol’ things to offer and nothing to keep your attention span. In fact I was waiting on the gallery section to load up, by the time I realized that the movie stills were on a slide show and I had no control over the images it was too late! I missed half of them, I kept watching them disappear into puzzle pieces before my very eyes. The website has a touch of cool imagery, but just not enough to be awesome. Don’t bother with the “time capsule” section, apparently we missed the due date on the “supposed” contest they had, ehh. You can however grab a couple of Knowing movie wallpapers, or buddy icons, and maybe a Knowing movie poster if you like it. None of the downloads are very nice though so I don’t even recommend sorting through them because even if you are a Nicolas Cage fan he is not the main attraction of the downloads, move on to the NEXT!
In all the website for the movie Knowing was stopped short of any potential it might have had. NEXT!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Knowing
Date of theater release: March 20, 2009
Knowing – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Knowing! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Knowing 2 out of 5 stars

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