oz the great and powerful

oz the great and powerfulIf you’re wanting to check out the land of Oz before you see the movie, then head on over to Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful website!  What will you find when you get there?!

1.  Custom Downloads – If you’re looking for some Wizard of Oz movie wallpaper or chat icons, then you’ll find them!  Lots of great images in sizes to fit your computer, ipad, iphone, or even android.  There are also Oz background wallpapers for twitter, facebook, and google which is kind of nice because they are scaled to the right size!  Also, if you don’t quite find the background size that you like, or you want to zoom in to a particular part of an image, you can with the “Create a Custom Download” feature!

2. Games – I’m always a fan when movie websites give you games to play, and luckily Disney doesn’t disappoint! If you click on the games link, you’ll find the Journey to Oz game where your goal is to help oz get past the Wicked Witch’s army into the Emerald City!  There’s also the Yellow Brick Road Adventure game where you travel with Oz, Glinda, and China Girl down the yellow brick road!

The rest of the movie website is pretty basic – videos, info about the characters, and info about the story.  Overall, the movie website is average.  Considering this is such a great movie with such a powerful history behind it (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), I think they could have done alot more! But, it’s still worth a visit regardless!

Official Movie Website:  Oz the Great and Powerful

Release Date:  March 8, 2013

Movie Synopses:  Oz the Great and Powerful is directed by Sam Raimi and is about the famous Wizard of Oz.  It is about Oscar Diggs, a circus magician who finds himself in the Land of Oz where everyone thinks he’s an actual magician.  He meets Glinda the Good Witch, and the evil Wicked Witch of the West.  The events in Oz the Great and Powerful take place before Dorothy enters the land of Oz, so you will not see Dorothy in the story!

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