Did you ever see Hoodwinked part 1? Yes?NO? Well, it’s time for Hoodwinked 2!

Well, you can watch the Hoodwinked Too Trailer on the official website. Overall the website is mediocre. The best feature is the main page. On the Main page there are several characters from the movie lined up, as you hover your mouse over each of these characters they will respond to you and speak a phrase.

The loading times for the site are no that fast. As you are directed to each section like the about the film or the videos section a clip from the movie plays while you wait… and wait. I have been on flashy websites that have been super fast, there is no reason for a slow site.

Also, I mentioned the phrases as you hover the characters. You get that for almost anything you hover over, it gets pretty annoying…

Best Movie Website!
Movie website featured: HoodwinkedToo! Hood vs Evil
Date of theater release: April 29, 2011

HoodwinkedToo! Hood vs Evil – Official Site!

2 out of 5 stars


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