The musical Hairspray will dance into theaters soon! The official website for this new movie features something especially unique for the Best Movie Website review! But before we get to the special stuff click on the downloads section to get some colorful character wallpapers, scene wallpapers, and a screensaver! Pick-up a new aim icon of your favorite character too! Including: John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Amanda Bynes.
Watch the Hairspray movie trailer and visit the photo gallery! The soundtrack page has a list of the songs featured on the soundtrack for the Hairspray movie that you can have sent directly to your phone as a ringer! *charges may apply* The Hairspray Myspace Makeovers section offers several choices that you can redo your old myspace layout with to support your favorite new musical! There is a Hairspray movie Blog that keeps some up to date information on the movie and even a Hairspray shop where you might get an official movie poster!
The best and most unique part of the Hairspray website is the section titled Autographs! Visit this section to get your personalized autographed picture of your favorite star of this movie! Five characters are featured to give autographs! Once you have the stars autograph you can either print it out, set it as a wallpaper, or even send it to a friend! Check it out!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Hairspray
Date of theater release: July 20, 2007
Hairspray -Official Site!

Wallpaper from the new movie Hairspray! Visit the Official site for the download and more! (link to the site is in this entry)

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