I like the layout for the movie website of the Green Zone. You enter the site, and are confronted with a map which has links to the different features of the movie. But, although the layout is nice, it kind of falls flat by not really offering anything out of the box. Yes, there’s an image gallery, the trailers, film clips, and the cast section – but all movie websites have that. The best part of the website is probably going to be the downloads section which has plenty of desktop and AIM icons to choose from….but on my visit I was just not able to download a wallpaper!! Problem with the site?

Movie Synopses: The Green Zone stars Matt Damon and is about the occupation of Baghdad in 2003. The movie focuses on Damon who stars as Chief Warrent Officer Roy Miller who searches to find weapons of mass destruction in the Iraqi Desert.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Green Zone
Date of theater release: March 12, 2010
Green Zone – Official Site!

No sample Wallpaper from the new movie Green Zone available. Visit the Official movie website for more movie information.

Green Zone 3 out of 5 stars

2 thoughts on “Green Zone Matt Damon

  1. what are the weapons of mass. destructions used/and or hunted for in the movie?

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