jack the giant slayer wallpaper

example of jack the giant slayer wallpaper available on the movie website

I love it when movie websites give you the photo uploads where you can be part of the movie….and Jack the Giant Slayer gives you one!! It’s not the best one I’ve ever seen, but still, it’s pretty fun…you upload a picture of yourself in the “Giant Sized photo Upload” feature of the site and it gets posted into a movie poster of the Jack the Giant Slayer movie…you can be either the small head or the big head, your choice!  You can then download the image to share it on twitter, facebook, or tumbler, or just onto your desktop for your own enjoyment! :-)

Also on the website there are 2 games to choose from.  Yes, and one of the games on the Jack the Giant Slayer website is VERY VERY addicting.  I was just going there to try it out and I got stuck!  It’s called CLOISTER DEFENSE…your goal – unlock 10 stages to defeat General Fallon and his army!  As you play, you’ll unlock a series of achievements.  It’s very fun, basically you build defenses in strategic positions in order to defeat the giants as they attempt to attack the castle! As you get money, you upgrade your defenses! very, very addictive!

The other game on the site, Fallon’s Fury, is not nearly as fun, basically you play a huge two headed giant and stomp around trying to hit people, tents, houses and avoide flying objects and spikes.  Meh.  It’s ok.  I highly recommend the other game more!

In the downloads section, you’ll find wallpapers, facebook covers, and papers designed specifically for your ipad and iphone! (I guess they thought of everyone!)

Of course, there is also a nice gallery of images to check out, and a trailer of the movie….but I doubt you’ll get there once you’ve started playing the games!!  :-)

Movie Synopses:  Jack the Giant Slayer is a 3D action adventure movie loosely based on the old nursery tale about Jack and the Beanstalk.  The movie is about Jack (acted by Nicholas Hoult), a young man who battles giants and fights for the love of a princess.

Jack the Giant Slayer Release Date: March 1, 2013
Official movie website here!

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