gi joe retaliation

gi joe retaliationWhat would you expect from the movie website for GI Joe Retaliation?  I believe I would expect to see alot of shooting games, fighting games, or fast action games!  So if you visit, what do you get?  Well, frankly, a little bit of disappointment if you were expecting to be entertained!

The movie website opens with nice full screen images of each of the Joe characters, and a small menu bar off to the side with what the site has to offer you:

Realhero on Instagram, Videos, Images, Story, Partners, and Characters.

Realhero on Instagram – The first thing I did of course was check out this link to see if it had anything intersting.  What it is is a place for you to submit a photo to instagram of a real hero in your life.  You can view the recent pictures uploaded in a nice gallery layout – and you’ll see some touching ones – black and white pictures of fathers, pictures of father and son, pictures of veterans…all heartwarming!

The rest of the links are pretty standard, and sadly, no, there are no games to play.  But since I was there anyway, let me give you the lowdown on some of the characters:

    1. Roadblock – played by The Rock, a dedicated soldier
    2. Storm Shadow – Snake Eye’s Enemy and greatest adversary
    3. Cobra Commander – everyone’s favorite bad guy
    4. General Joe Colton – Bruce Willis stars as the original G.I. Joe!
    5. Duke – a dedicated and loyal leader
    6. Snake Eyes – wears a mask and took a vow of silence!
    7. Lady Jaye – an expert marskman
    8. Flint – a soldier
    9. Jinx – a ninja in training

One thought on “GI Joe Retaliation Official Movie Website Go Joe!

  1. I’m looking forward to watching this movie! I am a fan of the rock in his acting career so I woulld like to see how he does in this movie.

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