If I told you that visiting a website would make you want to see the movie even more what would you say?! Would you visit the site or would you skip it because it will save you close to $15 for one ticket and temptation to spend that money would just be too great! Well, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance  official site make you want to see the movie even more!

The website is pretty awesome! The loading page is animated by the Ghost Rider throwing a flame of fire around your screen… once you get in he wraps his chain around the logo title and pulls it within view of the visitor. Pretty intense!

Official Synopsis: Nicolas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze in Columbia Pictures’ and Hyde Park Entertainment’s Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance. In the successor to the worldwide hit Ghost Rider, Johnny still struggling with his curse as the devil’s bounty hunter is hiding out in a remote part of Eastern Europe when he is recruited by a secret sect of the church to save a young boy from the devil. At first, Johnny is reluctant to embrace the power of the Ghost Rider, but it is the only way to protect the boy and possibly rid himself of his curse forever.

The menu bar is easily accessed and designed with simplicity. Hover your mouse over the images and a layer peels away and reveals the section you will land on, alternatively you can use the side menu bar that is much more on the classic side of web design.

Ghost Rider Animated Gif! Click on image!

The main sections consist of the Story, Cast and Crew, Gallery, videos, and downloads. Each section, and each time you click on a title you get a huge ball of fire as the transition, sweet! The Gallery section is pretty unique, although does not have very many movie stills to look at. When you hover you mouse over these images you will burn a small hole in the photo! This gives you a feeling like you as the Ghost Rider himself!

Of course we all want free downloads, right?! Well, you get the common freebies; the twitter skins, wallpapers, and aim icons. But where the website goes above and beyond (thinking outside the box!) is the animated GIF section. Grab some awesome animated gif of The Rider that you can share with your buddies on a website of your choice… tumble it too!

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance deserves a 4 out of  5 stars ★★★★

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