I Am Number Four the movie stars Alex Pettyfer and is set for a February 18, 2011 release date. The first problem I had with this website review is that the website does not take full control of the screen. By design it is obvious that the cool video clip and preview that engulf the screen need the entire screen for the best effect. Instead I was stuck checking out the preview and opening scene of the website as a half image until I was able to enlarge the screen manually.

i am number four movie

If you are looking for a menu you might be searching in the wrong spot, your cursor is your menu! Just click the background and the menu should just pop up for you!

You can grab a few free wallpaper downloads and check out the gallery and while you wait for the page to load a cool graphic will appear and you will be transported there.

There a free iPhone/ iPod app you can grab for free that indicates some free stuff if you download the app. The app says you can get free games and even a free ringtone just for playing with it.

Overall the website seems to have no destination. There is some theme music playing in the background while a few random images pop up on the screen while loading happens. But non of these scenes really make sense or even come together to tell you about what the movie is or should be… I Am Number Four website just does not really make any sense at all.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: I Am Number Four

Date of theater release: February 18, 2011

I Am Number Four – Official Site!

I Am Number Four 1 out of 5 stars

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