Get up, Get out! Go and catch a movie!

Several open this weekend…Here are some of them!
Wide Release:

Accepted -Comedy. Starring Jason Long (the guy in Jeepers Creeepers), Blake Lively, Lewis Black, Adam Herchman, Jonah Hill.
Accepted is the one that in the preview a guy sees something fall from the ceiling and screams like a girl…This movie looks funny!

Material Girls -Comedy. Starring Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff(You know who these sister are), Anjelica Huston, Brent Spiner, Lukas Haas.

Snakes on a Plane
-Suspense/Action/Adventure, could be Horror, we will find out soon enough. Starring Samuel L. Jackson,Rachel Blanchard, Nathan Phillips, Julianna Margulies, Flex Alexander.

Not in Wide Release:

If I was going to choose one movie that is not in Wide release I would have to choose:
10th and Wolf -Drama. Starring James Marsden, Brad renfro, Giovanni Ribisi (this is the guy who played Phoebes Brother on “Friends”) , Piper Perabo, Brian Dennehy.
This movie is about an ex-marine who has mob family ties. It is supposed to be based on true accounts of a famous FBI agent, “Donnie Brasco.”

Of course check out Snakes on a Plane!! Thats my obvious pick for wide release
Snakes on a Plane

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