Fast and Furious the official movie website, reviewed.
Let me begin by saying this; if you enter a movie website and it takes the “full screen mode” automatically it is for a reason. The reason is so that we get the full experience of the design and features of the movie website. The new Fast and the Furious movie is one of the websites that will amaze you with it’s stunning design and free features if you just let the website do the work. First crank up your sound, let the website take you in full screen and let it do the intro. The Fast and the Furious website is graphically and visually sweeeet! Not to mention that it samples the soundtrack while you browse.

The main menu is actually a 3D map of the location of the website. Click on each location to find out what it has to offer.
At the bottom of the screen you have total control over the sound track and the visual effects of the website. If your system can’t handle the extreme visuals and audio of the F&F website you can toggle it on and off throughout your visit… Love IT!
The Videos section does not disappoint any Fast and the Furious fan, it contains at least a dozen different videos to watch, including: the Trailers, teasers, tv spots, and some featurettes.
The Gallery: browse over a dozen different movie stills displayed beautifully on a background that complements the images and shows the extreme HD colors of the movie and photos.
The downloads section: Offers a few free Fast and Furious myspace skins (or themes), a half dozen buddy icons, a Winamp skin (pretty cool looking), and a few aim expressions to download for your messenger. You also have your choice of several Fast and Furious wallpapers available in normal and wide screen for downloading. The last thing many Fast and Furious fans may want is the “GPS” widget which will keep any fan up to date on all F&F news, the widget is embed-able to most sites.
There are two flaws to the website.
1. The cast and crew section; while you can read about the said topic you have to read about it in a small space at the bottom of the screen. No images, no “zoom” on the characters or crew.
The story section; much the same as the cast and crew. You have to read in a small space of the bottom, even after you click on what you want to read it does not show up on the main screen, it stays at the bottom… be ready to pull your head in closer to read!
The last item to mention is the game the F&F website has to offer. The desert run racing game; actually entertaining and reminds me of racing micro machines… play it! It’s fuN!…

SMR’s recommendation: I was a fan of the first and second installments of the Fast and Furious series, after that I drifted off on the series, even the new one. But after visiting the website for the new Fast and Furious movie I am now pumped up and ready to catch the fast action and culture of the movie. The Fast and Furious website if visually an experience, blending in clips from the movie with graphics and designs. They added in the audio, and set us up in full screen mode. If I had to recommend you visit a movie website thus far, this is the one… don’t miss the experience of the Fast and Furious website… crank up your sound, sit back, and let the F&F website take control… awesome…

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured:Fast and Furious
Date of theater release: April 3, 2009
Fast and Furious – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Fast and Furious! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Fast and Furious 5 out of 5 stars

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