family weekend movie poster

family weekend movie posterThe movie Family Weekend actually looks like it might be pretty interesting – but you would never know that from the movie website! For a fun movie that might seem like it’s trying to appeal to “families” the site is a bit of a letdown. All you’ll find is a trailer, and an awkwardly placed movie poster image that makes the website seem as though it’s only half completed. And we know it has to be completed because the movie is opening later this week!

So, what is the best thing about Family Weekend?  Probably the facebook page – at least there you get a little interactivity and you can see some pictures of the actors and find out where and when they’ll be places!

There’s actually, literally not much of a reason to visit the actual website itself – there is not even a movie synopses, much less anything else to do there.  I know this movie does appear to be a low-budge limited release film, but still, they could include some pictures or movie poster or even a synopses!! Humph!

But, I’ll help you out with what the movie’s about…

Movie Synopses: Family Weekend stars Kristin Chenowith, Matthew Modine, Joey King, and Olysya Rulin and is about a 16 year old girl whose passion is jumping rope…. and when her parents miss her competition, she takes them hostage!

Family Weekend Release Date: March 29, 2013
Official Movie Website Here!

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