The movie called Unknown has a pretty nice website! An example of a quick and efficient site!

Immediately the site takes full control of your screen and within seconds you are watching a very nice quality trailer for the movie Unknown with Liam Neeson. You can’t even get on YouTube and get this fast of load times!

unknown movie

The menu is simple. Click on the menu item you want and you will get there super fast. You can browse a whole load of movie stills including some that are from behind the scenes.

The Identity Game will take you to a Facebook app that you can try out when you have some spare time while checking your status.

This website is fast and easy to navigate. It gets straight to the point, big lettering with a bold menu and nice graphics from the movie to entertain you while you are visiting.

Best Movie Website!
Movie website featured: Unknown
Date of theater release: February 18, 2011

Unknown – Official Site!

Unknown 3 out of 5 stars

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