The movie website for Escape from Planet Earth has alot of fun things on in to do and will especially appeal to kids and young adults.


The best part of the movie website is the games section.  First there is the Area 51 Game! you can play the game by clicking on the main circle when the website comes up. At first it looks like it is a video since the big link says “PLAY”, but once you click on it, you’ll be pleasantly suprised to find that you hae entered a game in which you can choose to be Gary or Scorch. The game is kind of fun, you use your arrows on the keyboard to navigate through a maze, avoiding obstacles along the way.

If you’re not crazy about that one, there is the Gnarlach Rescue game, where your goal is to rescue babies while avoiding the gnarlachs.  You play a monster and just use your mouse to avoid obstacles! (I personally prefer the Area 51 game).


Other fun things to do on the website include the Alien Activities Funzone which has a Crossword puzzle you can download, an activity where you draw a movie scene based on a scenario, and a space-themed trivia quiz.  There’s also an alien welcome zone, which is kind of funny with different “earth” things that aliens should know.


So, what is Escape from Planet Earth about?  The movie is an animated 3D film that takes place on planet Baab, and follows Scorch Supernova and his brother Gary as they fight the evil Shanker to save the planet! The movie stars the voices of Brandan Fraser, William Shatner, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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