There Be Dragons is a prime example of stunning use of imagery. Visually the website for the There Be Dragons movie is beautiful.

As the landing page loads you gradually get a dramatic picture of one of the lead characters in the middle of what seems to be a battlefield. His binoculars around his neck and his arms extended with his head looking towards the sky gives the visitor a dramatic impression of what to expect from the movie.

There are only of few sections to view on the website. But the use of the images is spectacular. The photo gallery in particular is what a true movie still gallery for a movie should look like. High quality, large, beautiful images! Sooo… nice!

The background images are the same, they are very high quality and visually stunning in appearance. You reallly get a feel for this movie.

Although the website is simple, with one menu bar at top and only the basic information such as the About the film and videos. The use of what they decided to feature is just amazing. Great job on design and appearance. Good job on getting a feeling across to the audience of what the movie-goer should experience at the theater.

Movie website reviewed: There Be Dragons

Date of theater release: May 6, 2011

There Be Dragons – Official Site!

3.5 out of 5 stars


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