The website for the new Disney Movie A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey has all kinds of things including games, downloads, gallery, video, trailers all with amazing graphics that take you to each section really prompting you to want to see the movie! In this wide assortment of offerings though, the best part of the site is undoubtedly the games section where you can choose between two different ones that you can play online – Scrooge’s Ghostly Adventure Game and Scrooge’s Soarin Star Ride. Check out the trailer and grab a download before you leave!

Movie Synopses: This animated Disney film stars the voice of Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge a man who encounters the ghost of his dead business partner Joseph Marley who hopes to help Scrooge mend his callous ways by sending him the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: A Christmas Carol
Date of theater release: November 6, 2009
A Christmas Carol – Official Site!

A Christmas Carol best movie website
Sample Wallpaper from the new movie A Christmas Carol! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

A Christmas Carol 3 out of 5 stars

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